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Celebrating freedom for anxiety in the sunset

Hypnotherapy for Anxiety in

Brighton, Hove and Online

Hypnotherapy is a

     safe, gentle,          transformational

          solution for

 anxiety, stress,

      fear, insomnia 

  overwhelm,               overthinking... 

Carol Bullock 


(Dip PHH, MNCH Reg.) Counsellor (BACP)

and former nurse (RGN)

However anxiety is troubling you, you can contact me to talk through your particular issue, in confidence with no fee or obligation. You can also read on for more information.   

 07748 165227.

Hypnotherapy for Brighton

Hypnotherapy for Anxiety

Do you feel as if anxiety, stress or overwhelm are getting in the way?

  • Is it knocking your confidence or stopping you from being at your best?


  • Is it making you feel stupid, alone or out of control?


  • Does fear or worry keep you awake at night?


  • Are you fed-up with negative thought patterns and overthinking?


  • Has it caused panic attacks or made you dread certain situations?


Anxiety takes many forms, both in terms of what triggers it and how it's experienced. As someone who has suffered with different types of anxiety, I know how debilitating it can be. In the end I turned to hypnotherapy and was so impressed that I trained to be a hypnotherapist.


Whatever is troubling you, please feel free to call me for a free

30-minute phone consultation. We can talk things through, and I can answer any questions you may have. 


07748 165227

"I can help you become your 

strongest, calmest, most confident self."

Carol, Hypnotherapy for Brighton


Carol Bullock

(Dip PHH MNCH Reg) 
Counsellor (BACP) and former nurse (RGN)

07748 165227


"She has a magic formula for anxiety, which shifts your thought patterns and perspectives, and deeply relaxes you.

I would say, if you want some relief from anything unhelpful that your brain is doing, then go see her!" Adam B

Sunset Photographer


 "It works and

it's made such a big difference."

Mike B.



"Carol has helped me overcome fears and anxieties that I thought I could never overcome. 


Just a couple of months ago I was a bag of nerves, she has undone years of anxiety in just a couple of months."


Layla R


"I found her sessions

helped me go really deep into

        long held beliefs and shift them.


I left her sessions

          feeling uplifted and empowered."

                                     Katie V. 

Sunset Views

"I feel so much better that

  I have started to take on challenges 

                that I was terrified of before."

                                              Cate H. 

Sunrise on Nature



"After seeing Carol I no longer suffer restless nights of broken sleep." 


Amanda C 

Sunset i360 pier.jpeg

"I am astonished in what you are achieving with me in such a short time I could have saved thousands of £ in therapy if I had met you before."

Caroline K

trees video.mp4


"Carol helped me hugely with a couple of anxiety issues - she has an amazingly cool and sympathetic natural loveliness about her-this makes it so easy talk."

                                       Laura F


"I can't begin to express how much Carol has helped me with anxiety and stress. I couldn't recommend Carol enough, thank you!

                                   Farah S

How does hypnotherapy
help with anxiety?

Hypnotherapy lets you reach and reason with the part of your mind that keeps making you feel, think and behave in ways that you know aren't helpful.


Anxiety, stress, worry, panic, overwhelm, overthinking, 

   are forms of fear, which can be a really useful emotion

         – BUT ONLY if it really does help you keep yourself safe.


If that fear or anxiety is actually making your life harder or becoming a problem in itself, then, logically, you might as well dial it right down or, better still, get rid of it altogether.

The logical conscious part of your mind will probably agree with this. But it will typically have had limited success in getting that through to your emotional subconscious which, for some reason, really believes there's something to be scared about.

This is where hypnotherapy for anxiety has often been shown to be quicker and more effective than other talking therapies because it gently, calmly allows communication between our conscious and subconscious minds,

In hypnosis, as the understanding grows between the different parts of your mind, they begin to work together to let go of unhelpful fears and form new beliefs that will serve you better going forward. 

Q. Is hypnosis safe for anxiety issues?

A. Yes, it's entirely safe when practised by a qualified hypnotherapist. Hypnotherapy should in no way be confused with the myths of ‘mind control’ of stage hypnosis.

Contrary to popular misconception, no-one can make you say or do anything against your will. Hypnotherapy works as a collaboration between client and therapist, with the client safely in control of the process throughout.

In fact, hypnotherapy does the exact opposite of stage hypnosis because it lets you "dehypnotise" your mind from the triggers that have been causing you problems.

There's a large body of scientific research that shows how effective hypnotherapy is for treating anxiety.


  • For instance, a recent meta-analysis or overview of 17 trials found that “hypnosis is a highly effective intervention for anxiety. Our results indicate the average participant treated with hypnosis achieved more anxiety reduction than about 79% of control participants at the end of active treatment and about 84% of controls at the longest follow-up." 

  • Other recent studies, including the work of Stanford Professor, David Spiegel, confirm this, some finding that hypnotherapy could yield quicker, and therefore more cost-effective results than other talking therapies.


  • Hypnotherapy is approved by the British Medical Association (BMA) and is a recognised treatment for anxiety by mental health organisations such as Anxiety UK and Mind.

Read more about hypnotherapy for anxiety here.

However anxiety is affecting you, there is help out there for you. Please feel free to call me for a free phone consultation. We can discuss your particular issue, I can answer your questions and explain more about how hypnotherapy helps with anxiety. Looking forward to hearing from you. Carol

07748 165227 

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