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Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

I use a gentle yet transformational form of hypnotherapy

to help people let go of underlying issues, cravings and habits so they

can finally attain (and sustain) a healthy, happy weight.

Carol Bullock DipPHH, MNCH (Reg.)

Call me anytime for a free phone consultation: 07748 165227

Do you ever feel as if…


  • your weight has been an issue for far too long?

  • you’re stuck in a rut with unhealthy eating habits?

  • your weight has been affecting your confidence and self-esteem?

  • you can’t get control of emotional eating?

  • the sugar cravings are stronger than you?

  • you just can’t seem to shift the baby weight?

  • you’re fed-up with yo-yo dieting?

  • your willpower needs some help?

  • you’ve had enough of beating yourself up for not ‘doing the right thing’?

Hypnotherapy is a safe, proven and fascinating way for you to finally take control of the habits and behaviours that have stopped you from achieving a healthy, happy weight.

So often our conscious mind knows we need to change but, for some reason, our less logical subconscious keeps us stuck in a rut with our fears, anxieties, self-doubt and bad habits.​ Hypnotherapy lets you calm and reason with that part of your mind, helping it let go of the limiting beliefs that are at the root of so many weight problems.

Hypnotherapy is a proven, evidence-based form of talking therapy, approved by the British Medical Association (BMA) and often practised by doctors, dentists, psychologists and other mental health practitioners.


It’s been shown to be one of the most rapid, most effective, long-lasting therapeutic treatments for a wide range of both mental and physical health issues. You can read more about how hypnotherapy helps with weight loss here on my blog.

Carol Bullock
Carol Bullock, Hypnotherapist, Brighton, Hove, Sussex and online
Call me for a free phone consultation:
07748 165227
We can talk things through,
I can answer your questions
and explain how hypnotherapy can transform
your relationship with food and so much more.

Whatever your particular weight issue, please don't hesitate to call me to find out more about how hypnotherapy could help you. It can be absolutely transformational! Hope to talk soon. Carol.

Call me anytime for a free phone consultation: 07748 165227

"I lost 1 and a half stone after my session. Carol has a lovely manner and really gets down to the issues and helps you to work through to a strategy and changed mindset. "

Jenny. Hove

"Carol's calm, warm and friendly approach helped me stop eating between meals. Carol helped me explore the reasons for this and put in place some strategies which made it possible for me to say no to my inner greed monster!"

Dave B, Brighton

"Carol puts you immediately at ease, and explains very well the process and how it works. I found her sessions helped me go really deep into long held beliefs and shift them. I left her sessions feeling uplifted and empowered, I highly recommend her." 

Katie V, Brighton

“I couldn’t recommend Carol more highly with her range of experience and holding/calming energy - it really makes a difference - energising too." 💗   

Nicky M, Brighton

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