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What’s hypnotherapy like?

Relaxing, revealing, healing, liberating, fascinating…

Hypnosis allows the critical conscious part of our minds to relax so that we can gently look behind the fear, guilt, shame and frustration to better understand the subconscious beliefs we have about ourselves and our place in the world.

And though we can’t change our past or how others feel about us, we can move forward to a happier, healthier future by changing how we feel about it.

Hypnotherapy is like a counselling session, but with some of the time spent with your eyes closed. I provide a safe, welcoming, non-judgmental space where you can really think and talk about your problems.


Using a range of techniques, I help you explore other ways of looking at yourself and the world, so you can show the part of you that is stuck in a rut, that there is a way out.

Though it can be quite profound and powerful, the experience of being in a trance is no more mysterious than the mind-state you are in when you’re absorbed in a book, a film or a TV programme – except the story you’re focussing on is your own unique and fascinating mind.


Contrary to popular myth, hypnotherapy is nothing like stage hypnosis. You will not be ‘in my power’ and you can open your eyes and come out of trance anytime you want to, just like you can when you’re watching TV.

In fact, in many ways, hypnotherapy is the complete opposite to stage hypnosis, in that I help you to dehypnotise yourself from the triggers that cause you to behave in ways that are no longer serving you. Throughout the session, you remain in control of your decisions and you can let me know if anything is distracting your focus.

Call me to discuss any issue: 07748 165227

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