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  Carol is fantastic at what she does, providing a kind and warm environment to explore any issues or goals you may have. She is both highly skilled and incredibly compassionate. I can’t recommend her enough....

Dara J, Brighton

  Thank you so much for another amazing hypnotherapy session. I am astonish in what you are achieving with me In such a short time . I could have saved thousands of £ in therapy if I had met you before. Can’t wait for our next session. Once again thank you. Caroline K, Hove

 Carol helped prepare me for a slightly scary operation and completely changed my mindset. I felt very positive and breezed through the experience .... very impressive thank you! Mike B, Emsworth

 Carol is an amazing hypnotherapist. After seeing Carol I no longer suffer restless nights of broken sleep. And this was after an appointment for a totally different issue so wonderfully unexpected. I would whole heartedly recommend her. Amanda Crane, Brighton

 Carol has a lovely manner and really gets down to the issues and helps you to work through to a strategy and changed mindset. I lost 1 and a half stone after my session. Jennifer Percival Portsmouth

  I had hypnotherapy with Carol a couple of months ago to help me with confidence and anxiety issues that I was really struggling with. I had one session with Carol and I could feel something shift inside me even as we were talking. She helped me to see and understand what I needed to work on and I can honestly say that now I feel so much better that I have started to take on challenges that I was terrified of before. I am so grateful to Carol and I heartily recommend her. Catherine Harvey, Hove

Carol helped me hugely with a couple of anxiety issues - she has an amazingly cool and sympathetic natural loveliness about her-this makes it so easy talk and let the hynotherapy take over. I was able to conquer my fear of heights and walk across a treetop walkway in borneo, with Carole's voice in my head willing me not to be afraid. I have other issues I need to sort out and will most definitely be using Carol. Laura F, Brighton

I couldn’t recommend Carol more highly with her range of experience and holding/calming energy - it really makes a difference - energising too 💗   Nicky Mark, Brighton

 Carol Bullock is an amazing Hypnotherapist. She's been a great help to me regarding my addiction to wine.

I hardly ever drink the stuff now thanks to Carol. Anne. Mile Oak

"She has a magic formula for anxiety, which shifts your thought patterns and perspectives, and deeply relaxes you. I would say, if you want some relief from anything unhelpful that your brain is doing, then go see her!"

AB, Brighton

"It works and it's made such a big difference. Carol is very intuitive and has a great technique for opening up doors and uncovering journeys that peel away layers and change how you're feeling and thinking."Mike B.

Whatever is troubling you, please feel free to call me for a free 30-minute phone consultation.

We can talk things through, and I can answer any questions you may have. 

Carol Bullock, Hypnotherapy for Brighton  07748 165227

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