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Hypnotherapy for weight loss

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

Successful Weight Loss

with Hypnotherapy for Brighton

Hypnotherapy lets you gently reach and reason with the part of your subconscious that is making you think, feel and behave towards food in ways that you know aren’t healthy.

Tackling weight loss the traditional way can often feel like punishment or deprivation. Sometimes it can even make us think even more about food than we usually would. And, even if we last the course on the diet or the ‘weight loss programme’, once it’s over we can slide back into our old ways and bad habits.

And then the cycle of blaming ourselves for not being stronger, for not having more will power, begins again.

But, here’s the thing; willpower, diets, weight loss programmes seldom address the underlying emotional reasons we have for unhealthy eating. So, in many ways, beating yourself up is neither fair nor helpful. In fact, it’s typically counterproductive because negative emotions are often the trigger for us to reach for food that our bodies don’t physically need.

Tackling weight loss can feel like an ongoing battle between what your logical conscious mind wants (e.g. “I want to be slim, fit and eat healthily,”) and you’re emotional subconscious ( e.g. “I want to eat biscuits/chocolate/crisps/anything that will help me in this moment when I’m feeling fed-up/anxious/bored/tired/angry /like I need a treat because…”).

Helping you ‘win’ this battle is how hypnotherapy succeeds with weight loss.

When there’s a conflict between our conscious and subconscious minds, our subconscious will usually win because our feelings are stronger than our logic. For a while our logic will give us the willpower to battle against our feelings about biscuits, but it can be like running up the down escalator – if /when you get tired you can find yourself back at the bottom looking for the biscuit tin.

Weight loss hypnotherapy works by getting both your conscious and subconscious to run in the same direction, so that they both want the same things.

When you use hypnotherapy to do this then weight loss won’t feel like you’re constantly having to deprive yourself of something nice. Instead it will feel like you’re freeing yourself from something that was holding you back.

As an experienced hypnotherapist and former nurse (RGN), I've helped hundreds of people with weight loss and a wide range of associated issues. Please don't hesitate to contact me for more information. We can chat things through on the phone first so you can decide if it's the right thing for you. Sessions from £30.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Carol Bullock DipPHH, MNCH (Reg.)


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